Who are we?!

After years of experiencing developments and managements, Exactly at the time that we were busy doing a huge project on virtual education, We encountered a new serious challenge about the security system which designed by us. A little bit of curiosity in some cybersecurity sites gave us a clue that the existing security protocols used by them are vulnerable. Even available Captchas that were supposed to act as a reliable shield against bots, couldn't resist some elementary attacks.

Searching and investigating led us to innovate a new type of Captcha that is based on Gestalt's theory using nature images. A safe and assured solution against bots. We believe that respecting privacy and not using cookies would be a great motivation for business managers to use safe and secure Iris captcha.

You can feel the leadership and critical abilities in every one of us at Iris, which can help you grow and improve as fast as you want.

What We Do?!

We are developing a great unique service pack while considering the real concerns of the new world. Iris-Captcha helps webmasters to protect their websites against bots.

We develop our products with new technologies including blockchain architecture and new crypto algorithms. We have clear strategies and milestones for the development of our products and business.



Why We Do This?!

The concepts of product designing are based on innovative solutions for both security and privacy. We believe that an economic ecosystem can form based on free systems without data trading too.

Our amazing team

Very very amazing!!
Haleh Farsadpoor
Haleh Farsadpour
Chief Exclusive Office

An energetic and creative manager with over 15 years of experiences at international trade and marketing who has helped Iris to develop its products.

Hamid Yaghouti
Hamid Yaghouti
Founder & CTO

Iris mastermind and creator .an innovative and creative programmer with high teamwork temperament who has been able to manage new high-tech products creation.

Majid Arbabi Rashid
Majid Arbabi Rashid
Chief Financial Officer

A motivated and creative financial manager with 20 years of experiences in starting various businesses who has been influential at Iris as a founder.

Hamed Amini
Hamed Amini
Back-end Developer

A creative and experienced programmer that is always up to date with latest technologies in the world who has been create joy and motivation to the technical team as a member of technical department.

Hossein Nasiri
Hossein Nasiri
Business Manager

A creative, innovative and literate gentleman who has graduated from top university at MBA which help Iris team to develop its products.

Ali Rahmani
Ali Rahmani
Front-end Developer

The most special member of Iris team who works silently but creatively. he is our directive front-end developer who has been important part of Iris products.

Mohammadreza Mohmedi
Mohammadreza Mohmedi
UI/UX & Graphic designer

A professional and creative UI&UX designer who has created big project with high energy and hard work.

Mahdi Shakoori
Mahdi Shakoori
Backend Developer

An experienced developer, always ready to challenge himself by working on latest technologies.

Shahab Hashemian
Shahab Hashemian
Content Creator

Energetic and literate guy who play important role for Iris producing process.