Creative Design

iris Captcha has a Beautiful Creative Design


Iris Captcha has high security - end to end Encryption with 3 factors of user interaction measurement, Hard for bots, easy for Humans

Cookies Less

Using Iris Captcha in your website dose not create any cookies in your clients devices, we respect privacy

Easy Using

Using Iris Captcha is really easy, add one JavaScript file and simply use <iris-captcha /> tag.

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Self Hosting

No Dependency

You can Install Iris Captcha in your own server to make sure about outside dependencies, it designed Horizontally Scalable, so you can simply scale it with a simple load-balancer

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No Extra Request

the user response includes all information you need ,with a secure signature that you can verify it with published Public-Key.

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Simple Solutions for Complicated Problems

Dealing with robots is one of the hardest challenges for programmers, because with the advancement of technology and artificial intelligence technologies, robots are getting closer to human intelligence step by step, and the old hard problems and challenges are becoming easier for robots.

Using old methods such as displaying a text in the form of an image with a some lines on it is no longer a problem for robots, many libraries have been able to solve this challenge helping the hackers to target your forms.

But iris captcha with a different solution helps you to keep your websites safe from bots by creating the image puzzle challenge with right recognition.
Ease of use, creativity, modern design, high security are the salient features of Iris Captcha.

Let's Get Started

See how easy using is

  1. Simply Sign in
  2. Register a captcha for your website
  3. add script at the end of your body befor the body is closed.
    <script src="" ></script>
  4. use any where you want ;)
    <form method="POST" ... >
    <iris-captcha name="irisCaptcha" ></iris-captcha>

It's required in forms by default but you can also check it's validity in front-end with ...

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