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I decided to be so,
because I take care of your privacy

Privacy is not something that we're merely entitled to, it's an absolute prerequisite.
Iris-Captcha designed with eyes on privacy and security as a higher priority. We believe that taking care of privacy is a real concern of the new world.

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Iris-Captcha is a solid fortress against bots.

Dealing with robots is one of the hardest challenges for programmers, because with the advancement of technology and artificial intelligence technologies, robots are getting closer to human intelligence step by step, and the old hard problems and challenges are becoming easier for robots.

Using old methods such as displaying a text in the form of an image with a some lines on it is no longer a problem for robots, many libraries have been able to solve this challenge helping the hackers to target your forms.

Iris captcha with a different solution helps you to keep your websites safe from bots by creating the image puzzle challenge with right recognition. ease of use, creativity, modern design, high security are the salient features of iris captcha.

Maximum Privacy

To achieve really high privacy, we designed a solution that doesn't use Cookies in the Iris-Captcha. So your customer can not be tracked on other websites while using Iris-Captcha.

Tracing your customer even for advertising purposes will cause your customer to be stolen by your rival company's advertising, So privacy is a win-win deal.

High Security

Our algorithm distinguish humans from bots, moreover, It creates numerous randomized parameters to find a secure way in the era of the fast-growing artificial intelligence's world.

Deploying a new generation of encryptions and system blockchain architecture establishes communication security that prevents "man in the middle" attacks.

Very Fast

Iris-Captcha is using the new crypto algorithm to create a chain of trust. So it brings an open-loop validation system that removes an extra request.

Using Signature preferring mode will cause a significant decrease in your server response time. However, you can use the old fashion way too.

Perfect Design

Iris-Captcha is designed with graphic principles in mind and has a uniquely beautiful design with template customization.

We are planning to develop the utility features to reach the maximum accessibility and coverage of disabilities.

See how easy it is to use!

Use IrisCaptcha in 5 simple steps:
  1. Sign into your account
  2. Register a captcha for your website
  3. Add script to your document
    <script src=""></script>
  4. Use it in anywhere you want
    <form method="POST" ... >
    <iris-captcha name="irisCaptcha" ></iris-captcha>
  5. Enjoy ;)

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Use Cases

where Iris-Captcha can Help more?
Brute Force Password Attacks

One of the most interesting parts of websites for attackers is the login page. Brute force attacks may harm the unprofessional users of your website. Moreover, It can be more expensive than this.
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Fake Accounts

Bots can generate fake accounts on your websites. For instance, They can bypass your enterprise features with your trial ones.


Bots can create fake posts and this is one of the popular easy ones for hackers. This could have a much cost for you, Including database occupying or CPU engagement.

Unwanted Traffics

Bad bots now make up 20 percent of web traffic. Bots can be valuable tools for webmasters seeking additional visibility into their domains but malicious variants are a constant headache for online services.
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Bots can pilfer your content for advertising or SEO purpose. Good content production is expensive. However, scraping is cheap.
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Money Laundering

Bots generate revenue by ad clicks on fraudulent websites. This could cause a closed cycle of money.